Equity Housing Group is a registered social landlord providing homes for all sectors of the community across six counties. The board of directors desired a new brand that would provide strategic direction and help to raise the profile and influence of the Group locally, regionally and nationally.


The social housing sector can often suffer from negative perceptions. Equity create innovative ways to help make home ownership possible for those that might otherwise be unable to do so. So we developed a proposition around creating a ‘home ownership revolution’, which reflected the pioneering attitude and innovative approach to creating new products and services.


This innovative spirit was brought to life as ‘Inspired Living’ and supported with a strong visual brand identity. We produced illustrations to show the dreams of customers juxtaposed with photography and used script typography to introduce the idea of ‘a future as yet unwritten’. Since rebranding, Equity Housing Group has gone from strength to strength and turnover has increased from £17m in 2012 to £25m in 2016.

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