Modernising a family business whilst retaining strong traditions.

Modernising a family business whilst retaining strong traditions.


David Luke is a family business that had successfully grown from humble beginnings in Gorton over 35 years ago. With a vision to lead the school uniform market in ethically sourced and fairly traded premium quality garments, the ambition of the next generation demanded a new brand, fit for purpose.


David Luke


Brand strategy / Brand identity / Website / Brand campaigns

Durability in mind ethics at heart
David Luke uniform
David Luke uniform
Old and new logos
Better uniform better world
Eco uniform


Through research and brand workshops, our first objective was to successfully engage the entire David Luke team and align their thinking for the brand and the future. We carefully evolved the brand identity around a new brand essence: ‘Durability in mind, Ethics at heart’, developed a new website and revamped their entire brand collateral.



Today, David Luke is one of the biggest schoolwear brands in the UK. Turnover has grown from £12.4m in 2014 to £14.0m in 2016 and pre-tax profits have more than doubled in the same period. All this has happened while they managed to keep ethics at heart. This is a family business with a huge future.

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