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CFG are a distinguished law firm supporting people to rebuild their lives following significant injury. While CFG has traditionally provided legal services for serious injury claims, recent years have seen an expansion of its commitment. The firm now offers expert guidance and support to anyone impacted by injury, and is on a mission to drive change across the legal sector by improving fairness, professionalism and ethical practice.

In pursuit of its mission to instigate positive change within the legal industry and raise awareness about the support and guidance accessible to those impacted by serious injury, CFG recognised the need for a distinctive new identity. This bold transformation aims to reflect the firm’s profound purpose and reinforce its dedication to fostering change within the sector.




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CFG brand message
CFG poster


We started with a brand idea that is central to the CFG mission: ‘Championing those affected by injury.’ Collaborating closely with our client to re-package the firm’s service offer, brand positioning, purpose, proposition and messaging. ‘CFG Law’ became simply ‘CFG’, a deliberate shift highlighting the firm’s expansion beyond legal services.

Our overhaul extended to the firm’s identity, introducing a new logo mark which symbolises a compass. This embodies the guidance and direction provided to individuals navigating complex legal challenges and seeking life advice post-injury. The vibrant palette reflects a commitment to championing and driving change, while the graphic style incorporates the ‘C’ from the logo to envelop individuals in the photography—an symbol of the firm’s unwavering support and empowerment of those they serve.

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CFG brand image
CFG brand message
CFG brand message
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Our successful rebrand has helped to generate genuine excitement internally and caught the attention of our sector – exactly what we wanted. Studio North captured the essence of our purpose, our market-leading client service and our determination to improve the industry to help those affected by injury – together.

The outcome saw us move away from our brand as CFG Law to become simply CFG. But the real added value came as they helped us move to a new positioning of being More Than Law – showcasing not just our legal services but the wraparound support we provide across our business and our desire to lead change in the legal sector. Internally, colleagues have embraced our new brand, thanks to the coherence and simplicity the Studio North team helped us generate. Externally, our profile has risen noticeably, helping us win new long-term contracts and help even more people affected by injury.

Mark Duffel – Business Development and Marketing Consultant, CFG
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