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Following the success of The Functional Gut Clinic, a health brand also crafted by Studio North, we were tasked with helping our client create and launch a new consumer-oriented gut health brand. The goal was to enlighten and motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle changes through a focus on their gut.

We partnered with our client to bring to life the brand’s purpose, strategy, voice, and identity, culminating in the launch of a daring and innovative new brand.


Tummy MOT


Brand strategy / Brand architecture / Visual identity / Verbal identity / Brand naming

Tummy MOT key message
Tummy mot logo
Tummy MOT brand logo


Through in-depth consumer research and strategic brand workshops, we crafted the brand concept: ‘The truth will set your tummy free.’ This proposition addresses the overwhelming volume of information related to gut health, much of which lacks scientific backing. The goal of Tummy MOT was to educate and empower individuals with evidence-based information, guided by experts in gut health, effectively distinguishing fact from fiction.

Derived from the brand concept, we created an identity that is bold, dynamic, fun and informative. This versatile identity seamlessly adapts to digital, social, and physical platforms, helping to engage audiences everywhere.

Tummy MOT brand photography style
Tummy mot packaging
Tummy mot merch
Brand advertising campaign
Tummy MOT brochure
Brochure design
Tummy MOT notebooks
Brand advertising campaign
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