A tech company rebrand to inspire shared success


Founded in 2006, Invenio provides consulting services and technology solutions to media, public sector and digital supply chain customers worldwide. Headquartered in the UK, Invenio had grown significantly across seven countries worldwide.

Having received investment in March 2019, Invenio’s CEO had further ambition to scale the business by expanding its offering, improving its services and growing through acquisition. A new brand was required to unify the business after such a period of rapid growth and to provide a fresh platform for the future.





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When a CEO has such clarity of vision, defining a new brand DNA model becomes more straightforward. Our research and insights-gathering phase might have taken us around the globe but it led us to one place after our brand workshop.

We helped the business define a clear mission to establish Invenio as one of the best places to work, and one of the best companies to work with. Happy employees, happy customers.

Succeeding Together.

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Rapid growth meant that Invenio had outgrown the relevance of its brand identity and the original spur for this project now became the visual catalyst for tangible change and a wider cultural reset.

The icon within the new brand marque now represents Invenio’s brand promise. An upward-facing arrow representing success, progress and moving forward. The dots symbolising the collaboration of groups working together to find a solution.

A brand font fusing modern design with universal functionality and an illustrative style created to support written content, symbolising connectivity and problem solving through joined up thinking.

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