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Flavour Factory is a relatively new player in the fast-food scene. They have been operating in Manchester for over 3 years and have lofty ambitions to disrupt the industry by flipping casual dining on its head with their own unique flavours and restaurants!


Flavour Factory


Brand strategy / Brand architecture / Brand identity

Flavour Factory Iphone


Through desk research and a brand workshop, our first objective was to define a clear brand DNA and competitive positioning to ensure Flavour Factory were aligned internally, to present themselves in a consistent and powerful way to the market. The new brand identity was visualised to present their new DNA in a distinctive and disruptive way to stand out in a highly saturated space.  

Flavour Factory Street Sign
Flavour Factory Ipad
Flavour Factory sign
Flavour Factory Women


Flavour Factory now has a solid platform to achieve their vision of being a major player in every city in the UK and beyond – with restaurants and off the shelf branded products.

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