People powered health: Putting people at the heart of a new tech-health brand.

People powered health: Putting people at the heart of a new tech-health brand.

Transform Awards Europe Winner


Whether you want to get fit, get healthy, live longer, or take control of your health and medical records, Evergreen Life’s Personal Health Record app brings all of your health information together, in the palm of your hand. Studio North were briefed to create a brand that could establish itself as a trusted vendor endorsed by the NHS.


Evergreen Life


Brand strategy / Brand identity / Website / Brand campaigns


Transform Awards Europe Winner

Evergreen Life logo design
Evergreen Life Mobile App design
Logo design ideas explanation


After a thorough review of the competitive landscape, we conducted interviews with consumers which validated concerns that there was a clear lack of awareness around how personal data is (and isn’t) shared amongst all health practitioners. There was a clear desire for patients to take ownership and control of their own health records.

Website design including iPad
Brand campaign magazine advertising
Evergreen Life brand language examples


After thorough consumer and competitor research, our early brand thinking focused on the concept of patient empowerment which was brought to life through the positioning line ‘People Powered Health’. Targeting such a broad demographic, the brand identity had to strike the right balance between a caring, aspirational brand and one at the forefront of technology.

Evergreen Life billboard poster design
Brand campaign posters in London underground
Evergreen Life brand success with 350 thousands App downloads in the first 12 months


Twelve months after launch the app had managed to achieve 350k downloads, significantly above the initial 100k target. This number continues to rise daily. And after a successful direct marketing campaign, NHS England has now adopted the platform as one of their main providers for online service. Evergreen Life is now the only resource to connect all three of the main patient, medical and appointment platforms in the UK.

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