Brookfield Rose is a £750m business group focused on the recruitment & technology sectors. Based on their own experiences, they understood the challenges faced by agencies when trying to find people quickly. Brookfield Rose approached Studio North to create a product brand and work alongside an app agency to solve this problem.


We developed the brand model after our research and conducting workshops with the product project team and CEO of Brookfield Rose, Matthew Sanders. Speed of placement is paramount in recruitment, particularly with temporary staff so we devised a product brand proposition of ‘Connecting candidates with recruiters in an instant’.


The product name Zoek was devised (Dutch for ‘search’) and a brand identity, befitting of a technology company, was crafted to support an energetic, fun and accessible personality. We also delivered a national, integrated launch campaign focused mainly on London.

Since the product launch, developer Apadmi has evolved a second generation app that includes machine-learning to optimise the hiring journey and now integrates with various job platforms to advertise over 40,000 jobs UK-wide.

Faster, smarter recruitment has arrived.

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