Prevent supports those affected by breast cancer through essential research that will one day create a breast cancer free future for all. Yet at a time when trust in charitable organisations is at an all-time low and with lots of charities asking for the same £1, the charity needed a new brand vision.


Under a new name that reinforces its purpose – Prevent Breast Cancer worked with our team to define their brand values and a proposition that would help them attract willing donors. The solution – whilst most charities focus on finding a cure for the disease once its taken hold, Prevent focus on preventing breast cancer through early prediction.

Building on this proposition, we overhauled the brand identity and crafted a messaging platform for future campaigns.


I can honestly say that changing our name and re-branding was the best decision we ever made and Studio North played a huge part. From an awareness and marketing perspective, we have a distinct, modern look and it’s been brilliant to see this rolled out on all our collateral. I also truly believe that it’s future-proofed the charity and helped us to appeal to a younger audience, without alienating our existing supporter base. You have given us a platform to raise our profile and we are incredibly grateful.

Nikki Barraclough, Prevent Breast Cancer

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