Every Can Counts was born out of a need to understand, and then stimulate and promote, the infrastructure for recycling aluminium drinks cans outside the home. Our client, Alupro developed an initiative to make it easy for businesses and schools to recycle cans, and to encourage recycling by individuals ‘on the go’. It needed a brand identity and it needed sign-ups.


Essentially the brand name Every Can Counts promotes the belief that no action is too insignificant to make a difference. Campaign messages are simple but powerful – ‘a can to a can in sixty days’ and ‘infinitely recyclable’ are used to underpin the unique sustainability of the beverage can.


Every Can Counts has successfully established itself as the pan-European umbrella brand for promoting drinks can recycling outside the home with a presence in 14 European countries. In 2016 the brand reached 21m people across 15,000 branded collection points. It continues to grow and grow.


We’ve worked with Studio North for over 10 years. The longevity of the partnership speaks volumes – they deliver. Nick and the team are fun and effective, they produce high quality results across the board, always mindful of budget constraints (which matters a lot when you’re a not-for-profit like us). They understand what we need, and encourage us to be brave.

Bev Burnham, Head of Marketing and Communications – Alupro

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