A modern identity for a 
195 year-old mutual.

A modern identity for a
195 year-old mutual.

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Shepherds Friendly is a mutual financial services provider, founded in 1826 and currently serving 100,000 members in the UK. They specialise in savings plans for children and adults, including ISAs and tax-exempt savings plans, as well as income protection and whole of life insurance for Over 50s.

Wanting to continue growth in net membership – through acquisition and retention – and to forge new strategic partnerships with intermediaries they selected Studio North to devise a new brand strategy to help them do so.


Shepherds Friendly


Branding / Marketing / Video / Website


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Shepherds Friendly brand logo
In a world of financial complexity we believe in the power of simplicity with build block illustration
Over 50's couple hugging with illustrated background


Straight away we clicked into discovery gear, delving deep into Shepherds Friendly’s world, speaking to members and colleagues alike – searching for the ideas we could hook brand messaging onto.

What transpired through this research phase and then further ratified by our brand workshops is that Shepherds Friendly retained a genuine and meaningful connection to their past. The deep-rooted principles of mutuality, fairness and supporting people in making personal finance as straightforward as possible.

We developed the brand story around this purpose, an inclusive and compassionate approach we titled:

Because everyone can benefit.

Shepherds Friendly desktop website
Shepherds Friendly mobile website


The Shepherds Friendly logo now consists of two integrated and carefully considered elements – the ‘S’ shield graphic and the typographic naming device.

Designed within a colour palette containing a mix of sophisticated, contemporary colours to give the brand depth and gravitas. Illustrations are one of the key parts to the brand’s new look and feel, created to mirror the simplicity of how Shepherds Friendly present, explain and deliver their products.

Our digital and UX team designed and built a brand new website and we supported the marketing function with an entire suite of new brand communications and sales tools.

Shepherds Friendly brand book example pages
Shepherds Friendly advert options
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