Technology, without the jargon.


San-iT is an IT services and technology solutions provider specialising in supporting growing SMEs.

In an industry often perceived as faceless and complex, San-iT’s culture and approach stands out. Clients are allocated dedicated teams, meaning they deal with people who know their business and know and understand them as individuals. Their down to earth and straightforward approach means they talk about technology with passion but without jargon.

The business was looking to evolve beyond Managed Services, towards a more consultative and strategic approach to technology solutions. This, combined with the launch of an enhanced Cyber Security offering, meant that it was the right time to bring in Studio North to support this transformation with a new brand strategy.




Branding / Marketing / Website

San-iT logo
Making the complex simple
Friendly, genuine and straight-forward, and I don’t do jargon.
San-iT illustrations
San-iT culture book


Speaking to the expert teams, and running brand workshops, we immediately recognised the unique culture and people-first company approach set it apart from other businesses in the sector. However, the existing brand identity did little to separate San-iT from the competition.

Our solution was to create an impactful, refreshed brand which reflected the forward thinking ethos of the company, together with their friendly, human approach. We wanted to balance the characteristics of expertise with the valuable attributes of a straightforward approach to solving technological challenges. Based on this, we developed a new, strong and meaningful proposition for the brand: Making the complex simple.

San-iT marketing leaflets
San-iT website
San-iT website mobile screens
San-iT advertising billboard saying 'Helping your business run smoother and grow faster.'


The San-iT brand is now bold and contemporary, incorporating a colour palette that signifies optimism and positivity. An impactful graphical language was created, built on inspiration from the character shapes from the newly developed San-iT logo. These shapes form a consistent device style to define subjects, tell stories and create visual interest and standout.

Complementing the bold graphical identity and colours, simple portrait imagery captures the authentic characters and personalities of the San-iT team and encapsulates the people-first, friendly aspects of the company culture.

We designed and developed a new website which now truly represents the breadth of the offering and the passion and personality of the people who work at San-iT. We also provide ongoing marketing support through campaigns that continue to build on the brand story and engage target audiences.

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