Repositioning an established brand for the next generation

Transform Awards Europe 2023


As one of the longest-established engineering companies, Boulting had built its reputation over a 100-year history. But it was time to present the company in a whole new way and change the perception that Boulting were solely an electrical & mechanical services business.

Boulting had developed into a much broader full-turnkey engineering powerhouse. And they had an ambitious vision for the future of engineering.




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Despite its ambitious vision, the brand’s identity was no longer befitting of a business at the leading edge of modern engineering. The brand message was no longer representative of the organisation they had become.

Today, the business is pushing established boundaries – searching for new, exciting and sustainable ways to solve the engineering challenges of the modern world. So we titled this new positioning: ‘next generation engineering’.

For this exciting idea we needed a new name for the organisation. The Boulting Generations of engineers, both past and future, gave rise to the new name: BGEN.

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The transformation has driven significant change both internally and externally. Our launch strategy incorporated both internal and external communications campaigns. Within the business, employees now understand the values and behaviours that define the company culture and its ‘next generation engineering’ philosophy.

Amongst clients and in the wider industry, there has been a reappraisal of the company, strengthening its position in the market and driving new conversations and new opportunities.


On the back of the rebrand, we were able to reposition our strategy and approach clients within our market sectors to present our new proposition. Following the first year since the rebrand, our turnover has increased by 58%, and our staffing levels have grown by more than 20%.

Within the first year of rebrand we have experienced a significant upturn in major contract awards received, not only within our traditional client-base, but also within new complimentary markets as targeted by our brand strategy to diversify. It is evident that certain aspects of the project award criteria satisfied has been closely aligned with the commitments and investments made as part of our rebrand strategy and it is also evident that our clients and the wider sector have noticed this.

Robin Whitehead CEO – BGEN
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