Bringing colour to life for a global manufacturing brand


Vibrantz is the strategic merger of three leading global providers of advanced materials, colour solutions and performance coatings. Their products are used in many of the products we all see and use in our daily lives today. Our client needed to create a new brand identity and online experience that would accurately reflect the combined expertise and products of the newly merged powerhouse in colour, Vibrantz.




Brand identity / Digital strategy / Website / Brand video


The core of the Vibrantz identity revolves around the concept of ‘Vibrantz in motion,’ symbolising the energy and continuous innovation of both the people and products associated with Vibrantz, and the significant impact they have on everyday life. The motion lines, integrated into every aspect of the brand identity, also serve as a metaphor for Vibrantz’s ubiquitous presence in everyday products worldwide.

A bold new brand required a dynamic new website. We worked closely with each business unit in comprehensive planning workshops to devise a coherent digital strategy. This strategy aimed to seamlessly bring together the strengths of the merged companies, presenting them on a unified website that highlights the collective strengths of Vibrantz.

Vibrantz brand photography style
Vibrantz branded brochure design


Following the integration of three companies to form Vibrantz Technologies, Studio North was instrumental in helping us elevate the Vibrantz brand very early in our time as a new company. Their clear understanding of our vision and goal, strategic approach and insightful analysis helped us develop a cohesive brand identity that reflects our purpose to bring color, performance and vibrancy to life. Through their partnership, we successfully merged our distinct legacy identities to form a unified brand image that exudes the bold, innovative and creative spirit of our employees.

From the development of comprehensive brand guidelines to the creation of our first website and corporate video, Studio North played a key role in helping orient us as a world-class specialty chemicals and materials solutions provider. We continue to collaborate with their team and are confident in their expertise to help us continue to propel Vibrantz’s brand equity. Their dedication to understanding our unique challenges, creative problem-solving and commitment to achieving our goals make them an incredibly strong partner.

Amy Chiconas, Vice President, Communications & Brand
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