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As a leader in the supply chain & logistics sector, Bis Henderson came to us at a time of change within their industry. The landscape had undergone significant shifts due to the impact of Covid, prompting our client to identify a strategic opportunity aligned with the evolving industry demands.

It was clear that the business had outgrown the brand, and that it was the right moment to evolve. Bringing together their two business divisions and unifying under a single new brand: Visku.




Brand strategy / Brand architecture / Brand identity / Website / Campaigns

Visku logo
Visku advertising campaign


Our brand strategy workshops played a pivotal role in shaping the brand positioning, product proposition, vision, values, and purpose of Visku. The core concept that emerged was ‘Supply Chain Reimagined,’ embodying Visku’s innovative approach. The strategy would provide a unifying vision for the newly merged business divisions and a new clear brand message to launch the new offer.

To visually represent Visku’s dynamic and adaptable nature, we developed an animated brand identity with fluid elements. The identity acts as a metaphor for the flexibility inherent in Visku’s approach and communicates the interconnected points of a global supply chain. The chosen bold color palette and confident brand language were carefully crafted to convey Visku’s extensive expertise accumulated over decades of experience.

Visku photography styles


Visku’s brand programme was intricate – bringing together a business reorganisation and a complex proposition with multiple target audiences. Studio North was able to provide cut-through, bringing a clarity of thought and strategic direction alongside impactful creative that has proven to engage both employees and external decisionmakers. In partnership with them, we were able to deliver a full programme of brand transformation activities that has moved the organisation into a new, exciting phase of development and growth.

Debbie Britton – CMO, Visku
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