Brand research & discovery

How can you build a brand without evidence?

Sometimes a brand is new, and it needs positioning and targeting. Sometimes a brand isn’t doing well and no one knows why. Or it can be doing quite well despite itself, without much of a strategy, and we think to ourselves: “Imagine how much better it could perform!”

Brands need evidence

The solution in each case is a strong strategy, but you can’t develop a strategy without the facts. What’s the market demand, and from whom? What’s the competitive landscape? What’s the right marketing strategy? What’s the view in the market?

Answering questions like these demands deep knowledge of your market, business, products and brands. It requires a 360-degree view which takes into account every significant influencing factor.

Brand research and insights

We’re skilled at the research that delivers the information you need for discovery, and that includes both primary and secondary sources. This enables us to work together to fine-tune your positioning, identify opportunities, and suggest where remedial work is needed.

Stakeholder consultation

We’ll be asking what people think, from customers to employees, suppliers, investors, partners, the media and even competitors.

Brand audits

We’ll assess your brand to clarify what it’s all about. Where you have multiple brands, we’ll look at how they fit together in your overall brand architecture, and how well they’re are aligned across the organisation.

Customer research

To explore what your business clients or consumers think, we’ll use a blend of online surveys, one-to-one interviews, focus groups and user testing. We’ll dig deep for insights, and explore, test and validate conceptual thinking where necessary.

Competitor research

We will use desk and even primary research to identify any potential shift in your competitors’ brand positioning and to spot and market gaps or upcoming business opportunities. Sometimes a fresh eye and a different approach can be invaluable.

Market analysis

We’ll look at the landscape across the wider sector, or any sector you may be thinking of moving into. We’ll consider shifting trends and explore the positioning of your brand/s against this backdrop.