Brand campaigns

Bringing your brand to life – creating awareness, stimulating action.

To cut through the competitive noise of the marketplace, you need standout brand communications. Clear, bold, engaging. Relevance is also critical: the last thing you want is to waste money targeting people who are unlikely to engage, or who you don’t want as customers.

A brand campaign is built on solid brand strategy and brand identity. Because there’s no point investing in a campaign that doesn’t reflect who you are, or doesn’t excite the right people.

Brand campaign objectives

Your goals must be absolutely clear and achievable: thanks to our experience, we can help you with this. You’ll need to outline in advance exactly what you want your campaign to achieve, at which touchpoints, whether that’s awareness or a call to action.

We’ll use your goals as part of our brief. They’ll also define how you measure the campaign’s effectiveness (ROI) afterwards, and help to inform your future campaigns.

Integrated brand campaigns

You may only be using one channel, but you might take a multi-channel approach – for example, Google Ads + social media + website pages + a video + an exhibition + print advertising. For this kind of integrated campaign, it’s vital that your messaging across all media is true, aligned and consistent.

Digital brand campaigns

A digital campaign rarely involves a single touchpoint. Usually, you’ll grab attention in one place, perhaps through online, screen or print advertising, social media, or organic SEO traction. How do you choose where to do this, and how? We can help with this.

Then, when people express interest, you’ll drive them to your website. But where on your website – your standard webpages, or campaign landing pages? All of this needs careful consideration, an excellent knowledge of SEO, and clear conversion goals.

Brand launch campaigns

When you’ve invested in a great new idea – got your brand positioning, naming, design and tone of voice just right – you’ve got one shot at releasing your product onto the market. Weaving the whole campaign together can be quite complex, but we’ll advise and guide you in developing your plans, timings, methods, and much more.