Brand positioning

Finding the perfect niche for your brand.

Using the insights gained through our brand discovery phase, we help leadership teams to define a clear, enduring roadmap for their brand. This engages the right audiences, motivates employees, and guides strategic decision-making. It shapes the culture and the service ethos.

How do we create a brand positioning?

Brand positioning is a collaborative and exciting process. It’s built around workshops involving senior leaders within your business. This is a bespoke process: we know what we’re looking for, but how we get there is unique to your business.

We know how difficult it is to take time out of day-to-day operations for a workshop, especially when co-ordinating diaries. But it’s an invaluable opportunity for you to take stock, be objective, get great advice, and explore the strategic decisions that will bring about transformation.

Time and again, we’ve seen that it’s the companies which commit fully to this process that get huge value from it in return.

What’s the output from brand positioning?

  • We’ll summarise your positioning in what we call your ‘Brand DNA’. This outlines exactly what you’re your brand is all about, who it’s for, why it’s distinctive, your key messages by audience, and your values, vision, purpose and proposition.
  • We also provide key recommendations, laying the foundations for your brand’s future.

Brand positioning can be surprising

Sometimes this deeply collaborative and explorative process reveals truths and opportunities you weren’t even aware of – not because you don’t know your business, but because you know it too well. An objective review, which also brings insights from other disciplines and industries, can be very revealing. For example, perhaps:

  • An existing product could appeal to a whole new market you hadn’t spotted
  • A partnership opportunity could deliver growth or greater awareness
  • Your pricing strategy needs to change
  • There are added-value opportunities you’re missing out on
  • There are new product/service opportunities you haven’t considered.