Brand guardianship

The branding process never stops

Branding doesn’t sleep; it doesn’t start or end, but is instead a continual cycle of evolution that needs effective management.

When we work on a client’s brand, we get to know it very well. We end up really caring about it, and sending in our invoice doesn’t mean we suddenly stop caring. And while we can create brand guidelines to steer you, we strongly recommend entrusting the protection of your brand to the experts who already know your brand inside-out. In other words, us.

Why is brand guardianship necessary?

You, personally, can’t always be there when someone produces collateral for your brand – whether that’s a brochure, a press release, a webpage, a social media post, or an advert, for example. Lots of different people will produce these, within different departments or even different external companies. And they’ll all have their own interpretation of your brand.

What is brand guardianship?

In its most basic form, our reactive brand guardianship service can be a permanently switched-on ‘checking service’ for people across your organisation to request files and gain sign-off on the creation of new branded assets.

Even the most comprehensive brand guidelines document sometimes requires an expert’s opinion on whether the interpretation of the rules should be given a green, amber or red light. Already immersed in your brand, probably having created your brand guidelines in the first place, we’re probably best placed to offer this opinion.

We can also be there to regularly audit your communications. We can make recommendations when we think any aspects of your brand guidelines need evolving to stay ahead of the curve. Think of this as quality control in a fast-moving commercial landscape.

We can also go further, from monitoring your online reputation to pro-actively guarding against copyright infringement or ‘passing-off’ activities.

If you’re investing in your brand, and you take its protection seriously, talk to us about acting as your brand guardians at the levels that feels right for you.