Customer experience

Any brand touchpoint could let you down

You’ve invested in building your brand. But once you release it onto the market, you begin to lose control. You simply can’t be there for every encounter. Are you confident that your customers’ experiences of your brand measure up to the promises you’ve made?

It’s easy to lose sight of the brand experiences that live outside of your marketing or operational offices. But effective branding extends into every touchpoint, which is why we’ll help you ensure the optimal end-to-end brand experiences.

Brand touchpoints

Wherever anyone experiences your brand: It could be an advert that someone drives past. A website. A purchase experience. An email. A meeting. A social media post. A document. An online review. A shop fascia. Packaging. A phone call. A till receipt. Overhearing someone talking about your brand. Your product breaking after a period of use. All of these experiences define your brand in the minds of your customers.

The customer journey

Customers all go on some kind of journey with you, which can be anything from simple to complex. Here are a couple of typical examples:

  • Jess sees a product on the shelf in a supermarket and pops it in her basket. (1 touchpoint)
  • James hears about a brand from a friend and then sees it on social media. He clicks through to the website for more information, goes to see the product in-store, makes an online purchase, receives the delivery, uses the self-assembly instructions, reports a problem, receives an email resolving his problem, then leaves an online review. (10 touchpoints)

Every brand touchpoint is an opportunity

You can see that every touchpoint not only needs to work well, but work well together. They all need to build up your brand – never jarring, never at odds with each other. They must be consistent, seamlessly connected, positive experiences. If this isn’t managed well, every touchpoint is also a potential disaster.

Measuring your customer experiences

Before you can manage your customer touchpoints and experiences, you need to know what they are – so we use a range of tools to do this. It’s vital to base your approach on real data: there’s no point ‘fixing’ something that’s working well, or turning the oil tanker because one anecdote was blown out of proportion.

How we improve your brand experiences

Our brand experts will scope out your potential customer journeys, scrutinising every conceivable touchpoint. We look at representative samples of encounters and ask ourselves, “Is this on brand?” Then we align the parts that aren’t (we’ve even built partnerships with interior space designers and workplace consultants). This process builds integrity, shapes consistency, and releases trust.