Brand guidelines

Stay in control of your investment in your brand.

When everything’s been finalised and you’re really happy with your brand’s positioning and messaging, and the way your brand looks and sounds in the market, don’t lose it all.

Other people, both within your business and outside of it, are going to be need to represent your brand, and they need to get it right. They might be:

  • an employee creating a presentation or marketing assets
  • one of your satellite offices, producing their own materials
  • an agency (eg PR or advertising) working on your behalf
  • a third-party company writing about your partnership.

How will you make sure they represent your brand as correctly and consistently as if they were you?

People need precise guidance

No matter how well you brief someone, you have no guarantee that they’ll really understand the many complexities of your brand. Uncontrolled, their interpretations can lead to widespread dilution of your brand identity and the entire narrative which lies behind it. And that will undo your good work and undermine your investment.

Brand guidelines ensure consistency

A good start is to produce a brand standards and guidelines document which tells the story behind your brand. It will show how your verbal and visual identities must be applied – from how to use your logo correctly to how to write copy to the production of photography and video.

Branded templates & assets

We can help with the production and deployment of well-designed templates and assets, including marketing materials, digital assets, and operational documents, for example. These will help to ensure that the right people can easily access the templates they need.

Have you considered brand guardianship?

Some of our clients ask us to work closely with their in-house design teams and their external agencies by acting as their brand guardians. We provide creative direction and consistency of application in order to protect your investment in your brand.