Brand naming

The importance of the right name

A well-considered name is an integral component of any brand, and a powerful influence in making the right impression. You’ll want yours to be meaningful and memorable. You’ll want to create an emotional connection with your audience before a competitor does. However, naming brands – for organisations or products – is an increasingly complex landscape requiring careful navigation.

How do we create brand names?

This is a process that is heavily dependent on a deep understanding of your brand positioning and brand architecture. We use a wide range of techniques to create a longlist of potential brand names, before filtering down to a shortlist and eventually the winner. Domain name and trademark availability will also be considered within our approach to ensure your name is both usable and unique.

The legal aspects of brand names

The complex legalities of brand naming can lead to disappointment if you’ve got your heart set on a name which you subsequently discover you can’t use. So alongside your favourite option, we’d recommend holding a few options in reserve.

We can help you to access legal advice for registering and protecting your brand names, to avoid unnecessary and expensive headaches later on.

What to consider when naming a brand

There are many things to consider when thinking up a new name for a brand, for example:

  • What does the word look like, and what does it sound like?
  • Is it easy to say?
  • Is it memorable?
  • What does the word mean?
  • What other meanings might the word have or suggest?
  • Does the word align with the brand’s values, goals and attitudes?
  • How does the name fit within your brand architecture?
  • How does the word compare with competitors’ names?
  • Can the word be registered?