Video & motion graphics

Video is powerful, emotive and entertaining, and will bring your brand to life.

Video content brings brands to life. Whether it’s a snappy teaser for social media or immersive brand storytelling, video and animation can take your audience to sensory-rich places that other media struggle to match.

According to Search Engine Watch, Google now shows video thumbnails in 26% of search results, and 80% of all online searches are followed by a video search.

Creating your video

We’ve all seen terrible video content – from lengthy and pointless intros to boring content or clumsy delivery. Getting video right is critically important: creative flair just isn’t creative if it loses your audience. Our sweet spot lies in storyboarding to ensure that your video or animation will deliver your brand message quickly and helpfully. We offer the creative and technical skills required for planning, filming and editing your content. This includes a thorough understanding of how users view video, including pace, the balancing of content, and the smooth integration of calls to action.

We help our clients tell their brand story through video. We create product showcases, customer testimonials, case studies and how-to guides, using a mixed blend of videography and animation.