Employee experience

In some organisations, employees are the last to know about the brand

Everyone talks about employee engagement, yet time and again we see companies pour all their branding effort and investment into their customers while completely forgetting about their employees. How can those businesses expect their people to deliver on brand promises if they don’t know what they are, or how to do it?

If employees feel left behind and in the dark, the only logical outcome can be resentment and disillusionment. By joining the dots between marketing and HR, we can devise and deliver an employee engagement plan that recognises one essential truth: that although brand must be led from the top down, it also has to be delivered from the ground up

The benefits of brand engagement for employees

  • Higher revenue – Organisations with highly engaged employees have happier customers and make more profit. It’s not rocket science: if you believe in the brand you work for, you’ll go the extra mile for customers and you’re less likely to move on. This advocacy delivers higher client retention and referrals.
  • Lower costs – When your employees really get your brand, and can be true brand ambassadors, you reduce the amount you need to spend on things like advertising and promotion, handling enquiries, managing complaints, and more.

Bringing your brand to life for employees

We already draw employees into our consultation process for brand strategy. But the conversation mustn’t stop there: your entire business needs to live and breathe your brand values. When your brand (or re-brand) is complete, we’ll work closely with your employees before the brand is presented to your customers. This can include internal communication campaigns, brand values workshops, activation days and team building exercises, for example.