Website design, UI & UX

Bringing brands to life online

So many brands now live online, especially since social distancing has changed the way we all shop and interact. Fortunately, we’re very experienced in this area: the vast majority of brands we develop are digitally led.

We blend our creativity and skill with well-established digital conventions to deliver websites which are easy to use, informative, engaging and persuasive. And which are optimised to appeal to Google.

We’ll recommend and deliver appropriate strategies for your site’s structure, design, content and management before creating a seamless online brand experience for your users.

User interface – how your website works

A website’s user interface (UI) is all about how people physically interact with your webpages. What might you want them to do – and how? What about site structure? What are the conversion goals for each page?

Website design – how your website looks

Our website design not only looks fantastic but is fully aligned with your brand and your audiences’ expectations. We’ll advise on page design/functionality, and can provide all of the copy, imagery and tools you need.

User experience – the user journey

Ever come to a website quite happily, but then left feeling cross and frustrated? You had a bad user experience (UX). So for your website, we’ll plan the user journey through every page and across the site, stripping out all potential irritants and adding whatever will make using your site a delight.

Website development – how your website is built

Here’s where we put it all together, building a robust, secure, scalable website hosted on fast, reliable servers. Tightly coded, well-SEOed, and fully supported.

Ongoing refinement – how your website evolves

A website shouldn’t sit unloved and untouched for 5 years before being radically overhauled (which is then a shock to customers). Instead, it needs continual nurturing, addition and improvement. This keeps everyone happy:

  • Your website always tells your story correctly, and works hard for you
  • Customers can achieve what they need quickly and easily, with no broken functionality
  • Employees aren’t frustrated by customers referring to an outdated website
  • Google can see that you’re continually refining your website for the benefit of users.