Brand design

In an overcrowded market, you can’t afford to be a wallflower.

Part of your brand is the design associated with it. What you want from your brand design is:

  • Distinctiveness – so you stand out, and people remember
  • Visual appeal – so people love what they see
  • Relevance – so the right people want to engage with you.

We create powerful brand identities by curating a set of ingredients including your logo, colour, typography, photography or illustration style, any packaging, and much more. Some of these may already have so much brand equity that they mustn’t change; others may need a refresh, while others may need to be completely transformed. Or everything may be needed at the same time.

Studio North has deep experience in brand design. Our work has delivered significant ROI both for new brands and for existing brands needing transformation.

The test of great brand design

If you saw a TV or print advertisement with the brand name removed, would you still know who the advert was for? Brands that have nailed their design style are so distinctive, you know who they are without having to be told.

Brand design = Science + Art

We take a methodical approach to brand design, using our discovery process to fully understand what your brand represents and who it’s for. We remove subjective bias (yours and ours) and focus instead on your customer. Then we create a beautiful visual expression of your brand, to be seamlessly and consistently applied at every touchpoint.

The intelligence behind brand design

We’re always looking for opportunities to make your customers raise an eyebrow and think, “That’s clever.” Whether that’s your logo, your website, your ads, or your packaging, we always want to inject a little more… well, design. 

Design is broader than just graphics: it’s about purpose and functionality, too. For example, packaging is more than a box. We’d be asking ourselves, how can we create stand-out on the shelf? How can we make this simpler and better? How can we use sustainable materials and cut out waste; how can we make it easier and more enjoyable to open? Can the customer repurpose the packaging, even with your branding still on it?

Always demand intelligence behind your creative work.