Brand identity

How you look and sound must be distinctive, powerful and consistent.

Whether your brand is brand-new or needs a refresh, there’s a lot to think about.

On the visual side, what about your logo? Or you may need to update yours in a way that doesn’t undermine its equity. Often, businesses come to us because their design just needs to break through to the next level.

The way a brand speaks should be distinctive, too. But it must be tailored to your audiences: what are the messages you want to get across, and how should you express them? And then all of this needs protecting to ensure its 100% consistent application.


In a overcrowded market, you can’t be a wallflower. To succeed, you need distinctiveness, visual appeal and relevance.


How will you ensure that people, both inside and beyond your organisation, represent your brand correctly and consistently?

Brand tone of

Tone of voice is the catch-all term for your verbal identity: a distinctive, instantly recognisable voice for your brand.


A meaningful and memorable name is part of any brand, and can be a powerful influence in making the right impression.


The branding process never sleeps, so entrust the protection of your brand to experts who know it inside out.