Brand alignment

Even the best branding concept is only as good as the strategy behind it – and the quality and consistency of execution.

As a business leader, immersed in the day to day, it can be hard to take a step back and get objective clarity about your multiple brands. And that can mean falling into a position where those brands are inconsistent or unaligned. But this is what we do, and we’re good at it, and we’re here to help. We can propose effective brand alignment solutions in a short space of time. It’s a valuable exercise, too: managing your brand consistency across the whole customer and employee experience helps you to manage and align your organisation structure and your business culture, too.

The problems of misaligned brands

These can include challenges such as:

  • Unclear messaging causing confusion in the sales channels (consumer or trade)
  • Products competing with each other, which sucks up unnecessary resource
  • Products failing to make the impact they deserve, and failing to address competitors
  • Imbalance in the way resources are allocated across your brands
  • Competition or discord between internal teams, and a damaged business culture.

When does brand alignment become a problem?

Whether you face a historical or potential future brand alignment challenge, you may need external expertise to help implement a robust and consistent approach. For example, your challenge might be:

  • Launching new products, services or divisions
  • Integrating acquired businesses
  • Diluted brand identity following an extended time of growth
  • A lack of attention to brand strategy over a prolonged period.

Time and time again the team quickly understand our brief, delivering fresh, innovative content for us to deploy globally, across languages and B2B industries, always on-point and easy to work with.

Dan Cundill, Sales & Marketing Manager, INEOS

Our brand alignment solutions are designed to:

  • Ensure that your customer experiences (or ‘brand touchpoints’) are consistent and aligned to both your brand identity and your brand positioning.
  • Create cultural alignment, which means designing a colleague experience which ensures that everyone’s marching to the same beat.
  • Auditing and reorganising your brand architecture, because an unaligned brand portfolio can cause confusion in the market (and can seriously affect your revenues).
  • Reviewing your brand naming approach, especially if it has developed organically over the years and never really had much of a strategy behind it.

Studio North implicitly understands good brand alignment. We can audit your brand portfolio, propose solutions, and help you implement the necessary changes. Why not start a conversation with us?