Strategy & research

Branding begins with rigorous discovery. Stakeholder consultation to understand existing perceptions and aspirations. A brand audit to understand how well yours is aligned across the organisation. And competitor research to identify market opportunities. We then harness these valuable insights and facilitate a brand workshop(s) with your team. It begins with a presentation of our findings before interactive sessions craft the initial outline of your new brand DNA model – the cornerstone of your blueprint for transformation.

Brand identity

Our approach to crafting standout identity is a perfect blend of both science and art as we remove subjective bias and focus on aligning a beautiful visual and verbal expression to the brand DNA model we’ve helped you articulate. Identity goes much deeper than a logo, strapline or colour palette as it influences every touchpoint with your brand; internally and externally.

It’s not just how you look or sound. It’s about creating a feeling. And making a promise.

Naming & architecture

Naming brands and defining a suitable brand architecture is an increasingly complex landscape and requires significant brand and legal expertise. We use criteria-setting, brainstorming, word-mapping and various workshop techniques to help create longlists. Eventually filtering down to a winning name that creates the right emotional connection with your audience. All the time, with your brand DNA firmly at front of mind and trademark and URL checking going on in the background. Thankfully, our name is synonymous with creating memorable ones.

Brand tools & guidelines

We’ve given your brand the clarity and direction to move forward but uncontrolled interpretation of a new brand can lead to widespread dilution of identity and the meaning behind it. It needs managing effectively.

A good start is to produce a brand guidelines document that tells the story behind your new brand and demonstrates application. We can also help with the creation and deployment of brand assets so anyone in your organisation can easily access correctly branded template files.

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Your brand identity is inconsistent and doesn't reflect your vision.

You need to reposition your brand to reflect a change in your organisation.

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