Brand modernisation

Great businesses endure, but only if they’re willing to evolve and adapt.

Every business has something fantastic about it, or it wouldn’t exist. Perhaps your products are excellent, you had a market first, you have an amazing heritage, or you’re a family business with great values and service. But in a busy market, you have to shine all round.

The outside world changes constantly: new technologies, economic adversity, shifting consumer tastes, and a changing competitive landscape. It can be all too easy to get left behind.

Modernising your brand

Here are some of the reasons why your brand may need updating:

  • Revenues are falling
  • Customers are more engaged with newer competitors
  • Customers are leaving, or you have loyal existing customers but can’t recruit new ones
  • Your products or your marketing appear tired and dated
  • You were once the first to market, but now have competitors
  • You have major growth plans and need the best possible starting point
  • You’re struggling to recruit and retain great people.

What’s involved in updating a brand?

We often find that customer benefits aren’t being communicated enough, or not enough value is added to the core product or service. Updating your brand means capturing the very best of what you have, looking for ways to add value, positioning your brand, and then defining a strong plan to communicate it.

I can honestly say that changing our name and re-branding was the best decision we ever made and Studio North played a huge part. I truly believe that it’s future-proofed the charity and given us a platform to raise our profile. We are incredibly grateful.

Nikki Barraclough, Executive Director, Prevent Breast Cancer

We can help you modernise your brand

How your brand is presented to the world needs to move with the times. Updating it can be about accelerated evolution, or it can be about major transformation. Either way, we’ll work with you to ensure you have an exciting market proposition, and that your brand has the confidence it’s been lacking.

Studio North can help you with a brand refresh which will give your brand (and your business) a new lease of life. Why not start a conversation with us?