Brand creation

A new idea is exciting, and deserves the best possible start. But getting your brand launch right can be daunting, and it’s rare to get more than one chance.

Your new brand may be a start-up, or a new product or service within an existing organisation. Any entrepreneurship situation faces some real challenges: it’s a competitive and noisy market, and it can be extremely difficult to get heard.

A distinctive, commercially oriented brand launch strategy will help you cut through that noise. It will ensure your new brand goes to market fully built and well-rounded, and ensure that the right people hear about it in the right way.

Why brand launches can go wrong

  • Too much investment too early, or too little investment
  • An assumption that the new idea is so compelling, it will just sell itself
  • Insufficient communication of the benefits/uniqueness
  • Using previous launch methods which are now dated
  • Wasting money communicating to the wrong audiences
  • The new product confuses your brand architecture
  • Employees don’t ‘get’ it, or resent/resist the new idea.

The branding process with Studio North was an incredibly enlightening, introspective experience. Through greater understanding of who we are, we’ve really been able to tap into our brand essence and cultivate a philosophy at Festive Lights.

Daniel Almond, Head of Marketing, Festive Lights

We can help deliver a successful brand launch

Studio North has the expertise and experience to guide you on this journey: we get excited about new brands, too, and want to see them succeed. We can blend the right short-term and long-term brand strategies to appropriately balance your risks and rewards, helping you to:

  • Define your brand vision, and work out a strategy for getting there
  • Build your new brand from the bottom up, so you have the complete story
  • Generate breakthrough and relevance in your market
  • Ensure the right fit for your new idea within your brand portfolio
  • Create a consistent brand experience across the entire customer and employee journey.

Studio North can help you maximise your chances of a successful new brand launch. Why not start a conversation with us?