Helping David Luke celebrate 10 years of making eco uniforms.

No-one’s more keenly aware of the threat presented by climate change than the kids who will have to deal with its consequences. So to mark the ten year anniversary of David Luke as a recycled schoolwear manufacturer, we developed a campaign that made children the heroes of a more sustainable future.

Who knew, a couple of years ago, that school age children would be at the very heart of the climate debate? No-one, except David Luke. They’ve been making school uniforms out of recycled plastic bottles for ten years now. So what better time to remind school clothing suppliers that here was an opportunity to get a generation of environmentally aware children and their parents on board?

The school clothing market traditionally does most of its business at a number of core trade shows, and a series of executions were developed as posters to dress the David Luke stand. By embracing bigger themes than ‘this years’ collection’ and demonstrating David Luke’s commitment to a higher brand purpose, they established a genuine point of difference and an incentive for visitors to stop and find out more.

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