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We’ve been supporting AuKids magazine for a few months now but perhaps haven’t done much in the way of a formal introduction as to who they are, what they do and why we work with them.

In the past few years we have focussed our charitable work on supporting local children. Initially we put our support through Manchester Kids (now Key 103’s Cash for Kids), some of you may have attended or remember Bangon08 which was a huge success raising plenty of money. However, last year it felt like we needed to find an end-user of charitable donations as opposed to a mere facilitator, removing a layer of admin I suppose and getting us closer to the action where we can readily identify areas of support beyond purely financial input. So after some scouting around this took us to the lovely people at AuKids magazine.

AuKids is a joint venture between parent and journalist Debby Elley, whose twin sons have autism and speech and language therapist Tori Houghton. When I first met them at home at the beginning of the year I immediately realised we had found the right people to support, so important is their work and so obvious their passion for making it a charitable success.

On a personal note, it is a cause very close to heart and home. The last year has been difficult dealing with the initially heartbreaking news that my younger boy Joe who, though not yet formally diagnosed is being treated for an ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Words can’t describe the emotions, the fear, the grief and the pain you initially go through…but there is massive help out there to help you come to terms with what you regard as a loss of the baby you brought into the world. What Tori and Debby do very well through the magazine is encourage other parents to focus on the positives…enjoy what your child can do, as opposed to what they can’t. It’s an essential coping strategy and reduces the time you spend thinking negatively or worrying about the future.

Aside from the SN Cup earlier this year we have been busy providing creative services and pulling in favours off printers to provide marketing materials to AuKids, enabling them to attract both subscriptions and donations, the lifeblood of their efforts.


Coincidentally, Cash for Kids now also support AuKids, as do Viking Direct and Standard Life. That said, despite the excellent efforts of these businesses and plenty of individuals, Debby and Tori are still looking for further support to take the magazine to a wider audience. If you are interested in subscribing to the magazine, and I can highly recommend it, or you can offer any help at all please contact AuKids via email

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