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What makes an effective brand?

An effective brand isn’t always a brand you want to buy from. We can recognise a successful brand regardless of whether it’s one we aspire to engage with. In fact, sometimes a brand may put you off intentionally because you’re not their target audience.

I often hear people make derogatory comments about the likes of brands such as Easyjet and Aldi. Why? Perhaps they don’t like the sound of the brand’s experience? Perhaps they aspire to engage with a higher priced alternative? Surely, these brands have done exactly what they set out to achieve? They have made it crystal clear what they offer their customers and, isn’t a brand a promise of consistency; no matter where you experience that brand, it’s the same? I’d suggest that when you make a conscious decision that a brand isn’t right for you, you’re actually giving it your seal of approval, an acknowledgment that they’ve branded themselves spot on!

Brands must reflect their business objectives truthfully and honestly. If your brand isn’t honest about who it is, how can you expect your customers to believe and trust you? Ask someone this question “give an example of the most effective brand you know?” More often than not they’ll offer their favourite brand, often shopping, car or food related depending on the person. Very rarely will someone say, “You know what, it’s not for me but Aldi position their brand perfectly – you know exactly what you’re getting, essential everyday items cheaper than everywhere else”. I went into Aldi the other day with a colleague (he had 42p for lunch and Aldi was his go to place). I noticed a loaf of Warbutons Toastie for £1 compared to £1.30/£1.40 in the likes of Sainsbury’s or Tesco. Guess what, it tastes exactly the same! I appreciate there are some purchases you make in life where cheap isn’t necessarily better, but a loaf of bread isn’t one of them!

Next time you think about your own brand’s position or how people perceive your brand, don’t automatically think of your favourite brands as a reference. Why not come at that question from another angle. Instead, consider all those brands that you know exactly what they do – regardless of whether you want to associate with them! You’ll quickly realise that they are truthful and honest about their position; they don’t over-promise and they don’t under-deliver. That’s an example of effective branding!

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