Robert Scott are a market leader in designing, manufacturing and importing cleaning products. This successful family business needed to define a brand strategy that would preserve, respect and articulate their immense heritage and product expertise. But to also provide a platform for the next generation to progress and grow through innovation and outstanding customer service.


Following multiple acquisitions and a gradual expansion of product offer, the company’s brand identity and architecture had become significantly fragmented. Historically known for making mops (26million of them a year, in fact), it was abundantly clear that a new identity would better reflect Robert Scott’s current brand positioning.

At the same time, key competitors were enhancing their own identities to modernise and clearly communicate their offers. We needed to deliver a cleaned up brand proposition and create a visual identity that would outshine the competition.


After a thorough research phase including a brand audit, competitor review and customer and staff interviews, the previously fragmented brand architecture was unified to position the entirety of Robert Scott under a single proposition, ‘Serious cleaning know-how’. And a new visual identity, inspired by design features used in famous retail cleaning brands, was crafted to transform Robert Scott and futureproof this amazing family business.

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