Swap Ideas Day

Swap Ideas Day is the brainchild of Robert Birch. The thought behind Swap Ideas Day is that everybody gets together to exchange ideas. People celebrate this occasion by connecting with other people to share thoughts and concepts.

There are no rules outlining the nature of the ideas to be shared, so making Swap Ideas Day an ideal opportunity for people to be as creative and wacky as they like with their ideas as well as learning from the ideas of others.

Your ideas partner.

As a creative agency our currency is ideas – it’s the primary function of any great creative agency. Every day we take client problems and through big ideas, clever ideas and even funny ideas we look to solve those problems in as engaging way as possible – and we’ve got a few awards to prove it.

The dictionary definition for an idea is: ‘A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.’ Throughout history there have been many great ideas – where would we be without Newton’s Physics, the Airplane or Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web. Equally there have been some terrible ideas such as the Sinclair C5 and New Coke!

It isn’t as easy as starting with a blank sheet of paper and hoping an idea comes. You need to ask yourself “What is the problem that needs a solution?” Once you’ve highlighted this then it’s important to relax your mind and remember that ideas can come to you anywhere – in the shower, eating lunch or even up a mountain. And that is the beauty of ideas, you don’t need a qualification to come up with an idea – they are always there just waiting for you to think of them.

Let’s swap and share.

So, let’s celebrate that ability to come up with ideas whenever and wherever we may be. Let us know what your favourite ideas are or even if you have a new idea that we can help you bring to life.

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