Lockdown’s brand leaders

As the country continues to come out of lockdown and we slowly return to normality, we thought we’d take a look back at the brands who got lockdown right.


It seems like copy is taking a back seat at the moment certainly with the exclusion of copy from the prestigious D&AD awards. But when you get it right – it can be extremely powerful…

New York Times.

When the world is isolated we need to correct information. Here the New York Times assures us that the ‘truth is essential’.


YouTube asks us to #stayhome #withme. And who can honestly say they haven’t consumed all kinds of how-to videos on YouTube since lockdown?


For a company that believes in the power of dreams – this is bang on – and charming…


Taking advantage of people having time on their hands and that they were searching for puzzles on google – Heinz came up with this gem. A 570 piece jigsaw containing solely red pieces. They only produced 57 of these (see what they did there) but this went viral globally.

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