International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship

We don’t have to tell you that we are living in difficult times at the moment – what with a virus that swept the world to discrimination to a general lack of trust. Because of this the UN wants everyone to remember all that is great and good in the world – and at the heart of this is friendship.

There’s no better time to let you all know why ‘Northern Warmth’ means the world to us.

We’re open. We’re friendly. We’re unpretentious. But more importantly we care about the people around us as much as we care about profit.

But, why do we care about friendship so much?

Well, there are some important facts about that:

  • We care because it’s proven with a strong circle around you – you can achieve so much more in your life including achieving your goals.
  • We care because a problem shared is a problem halved. Having a solid network can help you with both the highs and low’s that life may throw at you.
  • We care because having friendships is healthy. A study carried out at the University of North Carolina actually found that people without strong connections have higher abdominal obesity rates and blood pressure.

What are we doing on this International Day of Friendship?

As a team we will be finishing work early and getting together virtually to play Escape Rooms Live. Here we can bond over a beer while we channel our inner Sherlock Holmes. Here’s the link if you fancy it too?…

What can you do?

  • How about dropping a little text message to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while?
  • Make new friends. With online chat rooms, this has never been easier.
  • Be thankful for the friendships you have and let your friends know that you care.

And finally we’ll leave you with a little quote from Misty Copeland:

‘Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.’

Misty Copeland
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