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At Studio North, we know every successful branding project starts with a clear vision of your business challenges.

For two decades, we’ve collaborated with diverse businesses, navigating the intricate landscape of branding.

The Clarity Lab reflects our collective experiences, meticulously crafted to help businesses understand where an agency can make the most significant impact.

Clarity Lab thought process Clarity Lab thought process


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taster session

We’re extending an invitation to organisations for a taster session of our Clarity Lab workshop. It’s a chance to begin to grasp your challenges and together shape a compelling kickstart brief, providing clear direction and a list of actions to help you get on your way.

This will enable you to confidently communicate your project requirements to colleagues, stakeholders, and any branding agency you choose to work with — whether it’s Studio North or another.


Unlock clarity with key stakeholders

Who should attend?

Anyone who is crucial to project success, such as the Marketing Directors, Financial Director, Marketing Manager, Managing Director, People Director, and CEO.

Duration & Location

1-2 hours, at Studio North, Ancoats, Manchester.


Attendees will come away with documented visual outputs from the session, and a clearly written brief which you can use to kickstart the branding process with any of your partners and internal stakeholders.

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What the session includes

Your exclusive invitation to try our Clarity Lab

Join us for a transformative Clarity Lab session—a complimentary workshop tailored for businesses seeking clear brand direction. It’s our way of sharing the knowledge and our tried and tested brand tools gained from two decades of experience. Drop your details below and we will be in touch to arrange a date to suit you.

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