By Adrian Bentley, Associate

Let’s face it, no-one’s ever briefed Studio North to help their brand sell less stuff, become less popular, disengage with their team, or make them unattractive to investors. Not ever.

Our work isn’t always about sales and bottom line – we get to work with all sorts of interesting folk, to help achieve all sorts of organisational goals; talent attraction and retention, charitable fundraising, to secure investment, to engage employees. That said, as often as not, our clients do seem pretty keen for us to help turn their fivers into fifties!

But the one thing that unites them all is that they come to us wanting change.

We’ve worked on significant transformation projects for clients ranging from local SMEs to truly global businesses. From tech start-ups to multi-billion-dollar NASDAQ-listed organisations.

The scale of project for these kind of businesses differs radically. But the common thread is an entrepreneurial spirit to embrace transformation – be that a simple evolution or a wholesale overhaul. Transformation that leads to a purposeful, more successful future.

Change, however radical, doesn’t always come with a backdrop of profound need or commercial crisis. Although our team’s well used to that scenario. It’s just as likely to be craved as a result of confidence and heightened ambition – often by acquisitive, rapid-growth businesses who are experiencing the pain of brand misalignment. And by ‘eck, it can be painful!

What ‘create transformation’ means to me

My design hero, Sir Paul Smith, titled one of his books ‘You can find inspiration in everything. And if you can’t, look again’.

I agree. For me, inspiration’s more likely to hit when I’m not looking. And the catalyst for this short blog came when we recently welcomed a young guy, Charlie (name changed for identity protection purposes) into our design studio for a week’s work experience.

Charlie, a young trans man – keen as mustard and, clearly, a talented young creative.

Can’t deny there were a few slips on the tongue with his pronouns on day one, which Charlie shrugged off with a smile, and a look. After that, no big deal.

Except, it is a big deal for Charlie. About as big as it gets, tbf!

He’s made an emphatic life-changing decision to embrace and commit to transformation, wholeheartedly.

OK, he’s going to need help from a strong support network. He’ll rely on those who genuinely get it, and give a damn. And as comparisons go, I guess I’m on shaky ground. The scale and significance of Charlie’s personal battle and journey ahead eclipses my point. But he really did inspire me to gather and articulate my thoughts.

At Studio North, we add most value, more quickly, when clients come to us having already taken the big decision to invest in the idea of change. After that, we’re in it together, to identify the most effective pathway, develop the most appropriate strategy and maximise every opportunity.

It’s why we’ve distilled everything we do, everything we stand for as creative business partners, into just two words – create transformation.

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