The Studio North Team is made up of highly skilled and creative individuals. Together they help our clients build brands, create stunning pieces of work and deliver purpose and value in everything we do. They’re human too, as much as we love the digital world, we don’t think a robot can make a brew the same way as a human can. We love personalities and passion. Meet Sophiemay, our apprentice turned Junior Account Executive.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being able to support those around me, being able to have a creative input within certain aspects of the agency and what we do, and I enjoy being able to do a lot surrounding social media, social media has allowed me to use skills I already have to benefit others and allow me to develop those skills further and learn more overall.

What has been your biggest achievement or your highlight since starting at Studio North?

Finishing my apprenticeship has been the biggest achievement overall. I feel that being able to support the team, do my job, learn and develop my skills and achieve my NVQ has been one of my overall life time achievements. I’ve been given the opportunity to talk to 15/16 year olds from my old high school about apprenticeships from this as well. Also, my recent promotion. I’m now the Junior Account Executive and I get to be more hands on and involved with clients and client work. I manage projects, liaise with clients and suppliers and support the account and project management team in the process.

Dream client to work with?

An illustrator called Emily Coxhead. She started off by creating things to make people smile, she had an Etsy shop and now her cards are being sold in Paperchase and Clintons, she now has merchandise that align with her brand, and she does The Happy Newspaper alongside that which is honestly remarkable. She is one of the hardest working small business owners I’ve ever come across and to work with her to help develop her brand, whether that be through guidelines, or a complete brand project, would be an absolute dream.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

From the age of 4 to about 6 I wanted nothing more than to be a Ballet Dancer, from 7 till I was 10 I wanted to work in a Primary school, specifically my Primary school. From the start of high school to the end, I wanted to be a Vet or Zoologist because I loved animals.

What’s an unusual or interesting fact about you?

I started Sophiemayde in 2014, it was originally The Cross Stitch B-tch. I began stitching, I found a pattern generator online and began tweaking that, within 4 of those people were asking to buy them and for custom quotes, it then blew up and became a real thing. In 2016, when I started at Studio North I found my creative juices began flowing much more than before, I wanted to do more, so I started hand lettering, and now I do paintings, prints, cards, hand lettered one offs, as well as stitches. I’m also hyper mobile and have webbed feet.

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