Brand communications

To cut through a landscape of growing competitive noise you need standout brand communications that engage your audience with relevant and timely content.

Our holistic brand expertise ensures that no matter what channel we are using, your brand message is perfectly aligned and that our intended user interaction or engagement is optimised effectively.

Whether that’s a new website, marketing literature, a corporate video or an online ad campaign, everything we communicate needs to be on brand and consistent in terms of messaging.

Experience & alignment

So you’ve started to look and sound like the brand your audience wants to engage with. But how does the actual experience measure up?

Our brand experts will scope out colleague and customer journeys, scrutinising every conceivable touchpoint and asking repeatedly “is this on brand?”. We then simply align parts that aren’t, shaping consistency and building trust.

It’s easy to lose sight of those brand experiences that sit outside the remit of marketing but effective branding should transcend an entire organisation.

Employee engagement & immersion

Organisations with highly engaged employees have happier customers and make more profit.

From integrated internal communication campaigns to facilitating brand values workshops, activation days or team building exercises, our in-house experts and partner agencies can help you build an army of passionate brand ambassadors.

We’ll devise and deliver an employee engagement plan that recognises if brand must be led from top down in an organisation, it also has to be delivered from the ground up.

Brand guardianship

We are as passionate about protecting your brand investment as we are diligent in creating it. That’s why we recommend trusting this to external expertise.

Our brand guardianship service can help people across your organisation interpret your brand consistently. Even the most comprehensive guidelines document sometimes requires a human touch and expert opinion.

We can also be there to regularly audit communications, monitor experience and make recommendation when we think your brand guidelines needs to evolve and stay ahead of the curve.

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