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Our People: Stuart McMullen, Project Manager

The Studio North Team is made up of highly skilled and creative individuals. Together they help our clients build brands, create stunning pieces of work and deliver purpose and value in everything we do.  They’re human too, as much as we love the digital world, we don’t think a robot can make a brew the same way as a human can. We love personalities and passion. You’ve previously met Gary Butterworth in the ‘Our People’ series. Now meet Stuart McMullen, our project manager who recently celebrated five years with us.

Stuart is part of the project management team at Studio North and our clients’ key contact in all matters relating to their accounts and projects. Discover Stuart’s journey from literature to brand tone of voice.

Can you describe your career journey?

Studio North was my first main job after leaving Lancaster University where I graduated with a First in English. I’d always been interested in advertising and was lucky enough to gain some work experience five years ago which turned into a full-time job, and I’ve been here ever since!

Initially I worked on a number of projects which expanded from the initial two week’s work experience into three months and then into the full-time role.

What made you forge a career in design and marketing?

I was always interested in how language could be used to educate and influence people. While studying English at Lancaster University, I was part of a promotions team for a large society on campus. It was then that I started to understand how design and messaging blended together could help transform words and images into something more compelling and exciting. Even though this was only a campus society, I began to explore the opportunity of making brand and advertising a full-time career.

The English degree has certainly helped me to understand brand tone of voice and ensure that messaging that is clear, captivating and aligned to the client’s goals.

Since joining the team I’m really proud of the work we’ve done for clients over the years. There’s too many to name but I’m especially proud of our continued relationship with High Access and Merseyway – two clients we’ve been able to help not just only on their brand identity, but also their wider marketing needs, and to be directly involved with that and see the end results has been great.

Image of High Access websites across desktop, laptop and mobile

High Access – Studio North elevated their brand and marketing


Why Studio North

It simply comes down to the company values and the personality of the team around me. The values match my own and we truly live them. In simpler terms, it doesn’t feel like coming to work here as it matches my own ethics. I’ve been able to grow in both my role but also confidence and there’s always an opportunity to pitch in, learn and share your views.

What do you hope to achieve for Studio North?

I’m currently studying for a diploma in professional marketing with the aim of contributing more to the strategy side of the business. Over the year-long course, I’ll be learning about strategy creation and execution, mastering metrics and digital strategy. I’m excited to learn and discover more about the depth of marketing and how it helps underpin the brand work we do.

What excites you about the Brand Experience?

I really love the whole experience. In my role, I’m lucky to see the whole process all the way through. From the research interviews to understand the internal and external perceptions of a business, to defining messaging and brand identity, it’s a unique opportunity to be able to see the ‘before and after of our work’ – and how it makes a difference.

And finally, any interesting anecdotes or life experiences..

My Dad was a soldier so I guess I learnt from him how to plan, risk assess and see a project through efficiently… !

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