Colour photograph of Sophiemay Bird, Head of Northern Warmth at Studio North
Our People: Sophiemay Bird, Studio Apprentice

The Studio North Team is made up of highly skilled and creative individuals. Together they help our clients build brands, create stunning pieces of work and deliver purpose and value in everything we do.  They’re human too, as much as we love the digital world, we don’t think a robot can make a brew the same way as a human can. We love personalities and passion. You’ve previously met Stuart McMullen in the ‘Our People’ series. Now meet Sophiemay, Studio Apprentice, and our newest recruit.

Sophiemay is the first person a visitor to Studio North will encounter. Responsible for ensuring our guests feel at home and experience that true northern warmth, that forms the backbone of our brand, Sophiemay is currently following an apprenticeship route into work.

What’s been your career journey so far?

My previous jobs were very retail centred. I’ve done a lot of different things working in retail, waitressing, including silver service (we’ve not tested her on this yet – Ed) hotel work, cafés and even call centres.  I’ve worked for a lot of different businesses and with a lot of people!

What made you make a career in marketing and social media?

I really want to develop my career in social media and digital marketing and I think the apprenticeship I’m on will get me on the right track. I’ve already learnt so much from being at Studio North during the past three months and I can only imagine what else I’ve got to learn. I’m a big social media fan and I love being online, using various sites and apps. I never thought it could be something I could do as a career until now!

Can you describe previous highlights or achievements?

One of my personal highlights is in relation to the cross stitching I do. I have my own social media sites, and blog. One of the best feelings is to get a follower or order from someone because someone they know has bought one and loves it. It makes me feel proud of my work and the reputation I’ve managed to get for the work I’ve done.

Photos of cross stitch work

Examples of Sophiemay’s cross-stitch work

Why Studio North?

I wasn’t initially aware of Studio North until I applied for the apprenticeship. While I was preparing for my interview, I did some background research and I saw the work they did. I read a bit on their blog and I wanted to see more, I wanted to know more. After my interview, I knew would love working with the team. I  really felt comfortable and immediately at ease. I did a week’s trial and everyone made me feel so at home and welcome. I’d never experienced that feeling so quickly at any of the other places I’ve worked and that just spoke volumes to me.

What are you hoping to achieve for Studio North?

I want to help develop our own marketing. I want to spread some of the Studio North Northern Warmth and  to help the business reach new people. We’re doing some amazing work and I’m really proud of the talent that’s around me too.

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