Going the extra mile

It’s not everyday you really get the opportunity to go over and above for your clients, but when David Luke needed a model aged 18-25 to sport some active scout & guidewear it seemed I was the perfect candidate to lend a helping hand!

Scoutwear not being my usual everyday attire I wasn’t really sure what to expect… but everyone in the office seemed more than happy to offer humours suggestions on what that might entail. These included waterproof trousers, a generous amount of practically placed pockets and some sort of undoubtedly not so flattering hat…

However I know the brand well, having been involved with them from the start of their Studio North journey, and I knew what we needed to achieve from the shots having planned it myself! So I knew I could make it work (water proof pants or not).

So on the 2 days of shooting I multitasked between managing, reflecting and modelling for David Luke’s Scout & Guide collection. Which turned out too be much more flattering than I can guarantee it was when you were in the Cub Scouts!

In case you don’t believe me…


This isn’t the first time we’ve put our Northern Warmth into practise and gone the extra mile for a client though. Another PM Stuart was the face of Stagecoach’s Unirider campaign in 2012, which was rolled out to bus stops all over the country. Showing we’re not shy of the unconventional (and very public) to go all out for our clients.

Unirider advert

(You’re so welcome for bringing this back up again Stuart…)

It felt great being able to go over and above the call of duty to give David Luke a helping hand, and is just one of the little ways we can give our clients a sense of how much we really care about the work we do for them. It gave everyone in the office a good chuckle too so it was smiles all round!

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