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How do you simplify the simple? That’s the task that The Letter Society, a collaborative elite design team, asked themselves. Once a month they they set themselves a new task which can be anything from the re-design of the icons to beer packaging. This month’s task was the turn of Google’s homepage. “If you take a good hard look at Google’s homepage the way it is, there are now 15 different things to click. Seems like the simplicity is starting to go away.”  notes Wagner.

So here’s what the team came up with:


Alli Grunthaner based her design off of simple tiles that you can personalise to your common searches.

Erik Wagner wanted to bring Google’s color palette forward and create a vibrant, larger-than-life presence for the search function.

Casey Crisenbery chose to eliminate the bright colors typically found in the logo and to do a search line instead of the typical text box.

Frances Palmer believes the architecture of Google is pretty straightforward, and just stripped it down a bit.

Jenn DiMenna made Google like a personal dashboard. You have your apps to your right that includes notifications to tell you whether you are missing your TV show, what you have on your schedule and how many emails you have.

Jake Nolan had to step back and evaluate what bothered me about the current page. He noticed some unnecessary elements that could go. “I do not believe the buttons to hit search are required and neither is the actual search window.”

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