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Appleyard Lees is a long-established intellectual property firm who provide IP services to the whole of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. They approached us for a new website that would reflect their global reach and convey their professionalism and personality with a more modern and sophisticated feel. We had a productive scoping session with lots of ideas and opinions and presented our vision through wireframes to set the functionality and moodboards to lead the creative direction. As usual this stage went through a few stages until everything was mapped out ready for the design stage.

When we presented our original designs there was a sense of excitement followed by a little doubt about taking such a bold change in direction from the current site and brand. After leaving the designs to settle and be discussed the decision was made to make the leap and we couldn’t be happier that this direction was chosen. A photoshoot down at their offices provided some great imagery to add a personal touch to the site and convey their friendly and approachable staff. Since the sites launch we’ve worked on a company brochure refresh, stationery updates, exhibition graphics and presentation resource. Whilst not the typical way to work on a brand refresh we’re happy that we’ve had a positive influence in changing the company perception and they’ve been a great client to work with too!

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